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Your Life Coach.
Your Joy Engineer. Your Girl, Delarue.

When life’s challenges become too heavy to carry on your own, I’ll help you gain clarity and support you as you take steps to lighten the load.

It's no coincidence that you landed on this page, so I have a question for you


Im Delarue

I teach women how to uncover their core values, find balance and alignment and live joyous, purpose-filled lives after divorce, loss and other hardships.


How do I do it? Well, my approach and techniques are rooted in my education and expertise: I hold a master’s degree in clinical social work and am a trained therapist with over ten years of experience.


But the heart and soul of my work comes from my personal experiences. After all, life is the greatest teacher there is.


Let me tell you, I’ve been through a lot. I came to America from Liberia when I was 13, leaving a boarding school and my parent's home where I have been loved and tended to into a refugee experience without my parents.  The home I are up in was not loving towards me and to survive it, I developed dysfunctional, people-pleasing tendencies that attracted abusive, emotionally unavailable and even manipulative people into my life. I felt victimized on so many levels, so without knowing it, I was drawing all kinds of negativity into my reality. The last straw of dysfunction that caused me to STOP and take a serious look at my life was a toxic, twelve year marriage that I allow to continue for way too long. 


We married, had a child, lost a child, divorced, married and divorced again. For years, I felt like life was kicking me while I was down. I had no clue that I was in boot camp for the best phase of my life yet. 


Eventually, I had enough. 

Enough of putting myself last. 

Enough of living out of alignment with my Creator, inner being and core values. 


That revelation led me on a journey of self-discovery and to designing a personal values assessment [Values Assessment Lead Page] to help me figure out what I wanted from life and love. The list was long, but some things I don't mind sharing with you are:

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Science

  • Psychology

  • Spirituality


From there, I was able to step into true peace and build a life based on these values that brought me balance, alignment and wholehearted joy. One that brought me to you, right here, right now.


This Isn’t Just My Story

Parts of it probably sound like your story, too. 


As women, we’re prone to accepting the leftovers. After caring for our families and pouring into our careers, we knock ourselves down the priority list. We give ourselves the last scraps of food, we choose whatever clothes are lying around and we only do activities that our kids and partners like.


It’s time to put yourself first again; to get in tune with who you are, and to learn the skills to not just survive, but thrive.

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Remember that...


When your marriage ends, a new story begins.

When you feel lost, there's an opportunity for growth. When you feel like a stranger to yourself, there’s a chance for alignment.

Are You Ready to Say Yes to Everything the Creator has Waiting for You? 

Reach out today to book a complimentary 30-minute discovery call with me, and let’s dive in. It’s time to discover your core values, start living a balanced life and revel in the joy that awaits!

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