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You Were Intentionally & Wonderfully Made Queen!

Each and every person has a core set of values within them, whether they’re aware of it or not. Discover yours today with a personal core values assessment.

What Happens When Our Lives and Values aren’t Aligned?

Life gets uncomfortable, because we’re not in flow with what was made for us.


  • We don’t partner with the right people.

  • We don’t pursue the right careers.

  • We don’t fill our lives with the right activities.


Maybe you’ve felt, or are feeling, the symptoms of a misaligned life. That divorce, that loss, that job, that feeling in the pit of your stomach saying something’s not quite right.

Get Back on Track With a Personal Core Values Assessment

beautiful and happy black woman
Relaxing swing perfect for gratitude journaling

It’s time to uncover your core values and build an amazing life from here on out. I’ve experienced it for myself — once you discover and honor your core values, life balances out in amazing ways.


  • You can identify and attract compatible people.

  • You gain clarity on your career and ambitions.

  • You discover fulfilling hobbies and build an authentic life.


Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? 


Reach out today, and I’ll send you my free personal core values assessment. 


I’ve created this simple assessment based on traditional psychological research and used it in my own life to get clear on who I was after losing my baby and marriage.

And honey, it works.

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