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The Universe is Waiting for You to Take Your Next Step

Jumping into the unknown can be daunting — but it’s better to jump with knees shaking than to never jump at all.


Honey, you’ve got this!


You’ve given your all to your career, your family and your relationships. Now it’s time to focus on you. Rediscover the joyful state you knew as a child, and see how it feels to live a completely aligned life.

Start Your Journey Today 

Is This Really for Me?

It is, if you...


  • Are ready to be, feel and look different.

  • Are committed to doing the work to change.

  • Are looking for a roadmap, guidance and support to get there.

If That Sounds Like You…

Then I’m your girl! The first step is to reach out, and we can book a 30-minute complimentary call to discuss your needs and make sure the vibe is right. 


After that, we’ll get you started on your journey, whether you’re joining a Mastermind, starting One-on-One Coaching, or need another life coaching service.


Ready? Reach out today, and let’s get you straight.

Have a Question?

First, see if I’ve already answered it in my FAQs below. If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

  • What’s the difference between a coach and a therapist?
    The main difference is education and training. As a coach, you not required to complete any training nor attain any specific education. But to gain credentials as a therapist, you need to complete a master’s degree and pass board licensing exams. 

    While a coach can help you with day-to-day challenges, if you are faced with more serious issues like trauma, depression or medical diagnoses, a therapist would be better prepared and experienced to help you. 


As a licensed therapist with a master’s degree in clinical social work, I offer my clients an added layer of expertise and I have taken the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. With that being said, I will do refer clients out to other specialists if I believe that what they need is outside of the scope of my expertise.  

  • Which life coaching program is right for me?
    The Ultimate Glow Up and the Pathway to Peace Masterminds were intentionally designed for women going into and coming out of divorce. I recommend these programs if you’re in that boat, as you’ll receive amazing peer support from like-minded women, as well as have access to invite-only events with divorce lawyers and other experts.


  • Do you offer One-on-One Coaching?

       I no longer offer one-on-one coaching, however each mastermind is designed to ensure that your needs are met and that you have a way to contact Delarue afterwards. 


  • What do “strengths-based” and “solution-focused” mean?

  • You may hear me talk about my strengths-based and solution-focused framework for coaching. This means I believe you’re the expert on yourself. We only address symptoms presenting at the time of the session and don’t go into any trauma work until you’ve developed coping skills for them and are completely ready.

  • How can I identify my values?
    If you’re unsure what your core values are, I can send you a personal values assessment test [Values Assessment Page] that’s simple and fun to complete. This test is an easy and accurate way to hone in on the values that are most important to you and vital to your well-being. We’ll then use that information to help you build a life that honors those values, and in turn, feels more aligned and balanced.

  • How much does it cost?
    I break down all of the costs of my programs in my pricing page. Send me a message today to receive more information.


  • Do you offer payment plans?
    No. Our current packages are well priced and offer you great value for money. Payment options include Zelle, Cash App and PayPal.


Get In Touch ...

Call 679-861-7593 

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